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Colorado Cricket League Bye-laws

Version 1.3, 6 pages, last update on Nov 14, 2009

Section 1 Applications for league membership

1.1 Application process

Applicants for a specic season must be proposed by Full or Associate Members in writing by October 31st preceding the season for which application is being made. Applications must be submitted to the Management Committee who will then review and approve as appropriate. Any subscriptions paid shall be refunded in full if the application is not approved. An applicant for Full Membership may be approved for Associate Membership, if the Management Committee judges this necessary to avoid a conflict of interests. The Management Committee may at any time, if it believes an existing Full or Associate Member has a conflict of interests, modify their category of membership to Modified Playing or Modified Associate, respectively. No more than four such Modified Memberships shall be created within one year.

1.2 Membership requirements

Before being considered for membership clubs must:

(a) have access to an approved cricket pitch
(b) include payment of the Joining Fee detailed in Bye-Law, Section 2(a)

Clubs seeking membership should apply to the League Secretary for a copy of the Constitution, Bye-Laws and Rules.

Section 2 Joining Fees, Membership Fees and Subscriptions

(a) The Management Committee shall determine the cost per club to be a full
member. This is the cost to run the League on a no-profit no-loss model which
includes operating expenses, insurance costs, USACA fees etc agreed to by
Management Committee. This cost is due by each Club irrespective of how many
teams each Club fields. In addition there will be a per tournament fee per
team. Application for new membership shall require payment of a once only,
non-refundable joining fee. This fee shall apply to all new clubs and to new
teams formed by existing clubs (except Junior teams, who are exempt from the
Joining Fee in all cases).

New Club joining Fee: $100
Per Tournament Fee: $50

(b) The Management Committee shall determine a membership fee to be paid by April 30th by Junior Members.

(c) Any Club failing to comply with the provisions of this Section of the Bye-laws shall be ineligible for inclusion in League competitions and shall be deprived of voting rights until so doing.

(d) All payments to the League shall be in cash or by check or money order. A receipt shall be given by the Treasurer for all cash payments.

(e) Full Member Clubs who wish to field two or more teams must make a separate application for membership on behalf of each team. Clubs fielding more than one team shall pay only one membership fee, but each team must pay the annual subscription.

(f) Membership shall run from May 1st to April 30th of the following year.

Section 3 Duties of officers

(a) The President
The President shall preside at all meetings when present. In the event of a voting tie, the President shall cast a deciding vote. The President shall be a co-signer of all checks. The President shall rule on what are reimbursable expenses for members performing League duties subject to Management Committee approval. The President shall represent the League at any meetings at which League business may be discussed. The President shall coordinate all matters concerned with entertainment, sponsorship and publicity. In the event of prolonged absence the President shall make provision for delegating all responsibilities.

(b) The Vice-President
The Vice-President shall deputize for the President when absent. The Vice-President shall be responsible for coordinating all liaisons with other cricket clubs and leagues. The Vice-President shall be responsible for keeping records of all non-member clubs associated with the League. The Vice-President shall be responsible for collecting scorecards from all teams, resolving any discrepencies in the scorecards, and publishing the scorecards on the CCL website in a timely manner. In case the Vice-President is deputizing for the President, the Vice-President may transfer this responsibility to any other Management Committee member, at his discretion.

(c) The Secretary
The Secretary shall keep all records of the League (including Playing Records), attend to all correspondence and keep the minutes of all meetings. The Secretary shall provide a monthly League summary of activity to North American publications during the season. The Secretary shall convene all General Meetings and meetings of the Management Committee in accordance with Article 4 of the Constitution. The Secretary shall be responsible for circulating relevant League information and notices of League events and other activities to all members. The Secretary shall be responsible for completing the fixture list and confirming and amending it as necessary as the season progresses. The Secretary shall distribute to all clubs the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all Member Presidents, Captains, and Vice-Captains and Secretaries. The Secretary shall keep this list up-to-date.

(d) The Treasurer
The Treasurer shall have charge of the finances of the League and shall report their condition on request of the President. The treasurer shall collect all moneys, and deposit them in a bank in the name of the League. The Treasurer shall approve all purchases with the Management Committee. The accounts of the Treasurer shall be submitted annually for audit to two members appointed by the President. The fiscal year shall end December 31st of each year. All payments and disbursements are to be made by check, signed by the Treasurer and the President. The signatures of the President, Treasurer and one other Management Committee member, appointed by the President to act in his/her absence, shall be registered with the bank for withdrawal of funds. The treasurer shall also be responsible for preparing a budget to be presented to the Management Committee 4 weeksk after the Annual General Meeting.

(e) Club Representatives
Member Clubs in good standing are eligible to provide one representative to become a member of the Management Committee. Representatives of Full Member Clubs shall each have one vote on all matters put in front of the Committee. The representatives are responsible for providing their Club’s office bearer names, addresses, telephone/fax/eMail information, etc. They may be asked to poll their own membership on behalf of the league to determine such matters as availability for tours, special fixtures, tournaments, etc.

All Clubs must nominate this person (and a deputy for coverage) to represent their Club at Colorado Cricket League Management Committee meetings Any changes in names must be communicated to the League Secretary at least three weeks before a new representative may attend a meeting All such changes are subject to ratification of the other committee members at the meeting following the change. Only Clubs in good financial standing with the League may send representatives to the meetings If a Club has more than one person serving as a League Officer, they may not send another representative but they must nominate a deputy for the representative position only. (not the League position)

Section 4 Election of officers

(a) Eligibility
Only Full Members who are in good standing and present at the meeting, shall be eligible to stand for office and / or propose candidates for office.

4 Weeks before the AGM, interested candidates must submit their names and the
office they wish to run for. This gives ample time for CCL members to decide
on the right candidate for the right office. Only if nominations were not
received for a given office or were withdrawn, will it be made open for
candidates at the AGM.

(b) Procedure
After all candidates have been proposed and seconded, each candidate must answer such questions as asked by members of the Management Committee. Once all questions and responses are complete, the election shall be held by secret ballot. The votes shall be written down on paper and passed to two members of the Management Committee nominated at that meeting. In the election for each position, the candidate receiving the largest number of votes shall be elected to office. There should be a run-off in the event of a tie until a result is achieved.

(c) Term of office
Officers shall serve for a term of one year, unless they are removed from office by a vote at a General Meeting. Officers so removed shall be replaced for the balance of their term by election at the meeting at which they are removed from office. Offices vacated by other means, such as death, resignation, prolonged absence shall be filled on an acting basis until the next General Meeting by a vote of the Management Committee. All League officers may serve for a maximum of three consecutive years, with a maximum of two years in any single office. If the maximum term of three years as a League Officer has been completed, they may not serve in any official capacity other than as a Club representative on the League Management Committee for a period of two years. No individual may serve in any combination of League Officer positions for more than three years in any five. The five year period shall commence at the start of the first term of office.

Section 5 Committees

(a) Management Committee
Membership of the Management committee shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Club Representatives. No member shall hold more than two of the positions on the Management Committee. The Management Committee is the League administrative body and shall rule on all matters relating to broad policy and the day-to-day running of the League.

(b) Selection committee
In the event that a League team is to be selected, a Selection Committee will be convened. The Management Committee shall appoint a League Captain who will chair the Selection Committee. Membership of the Selection Committee shall be the Club team Captains and the League Captain (The League Captain may be a Club team Captain). The final decision regarding selection shall rest with the League Captain. The League’s selection policy shall generally be that a member in good standing shall have preference over a non-member or member whose fees are overdue; that a member who participates in the running of the league shall have preference over one who does not and that all other things being equal, current performance shall be the deciding factor. In the event that less than 11 Members are available for selection, an Associate Member may be selected with no effect on their status. By the Monday preceding the match, the League Captain is responsible for determining all player availability and of informing them of their selection.

(c) Sub-committee
The Management Committee may at its discretion, appoint any sub-committees to deal with specific areas of the League’s business.

Section 6 Order of business

The following shall be the order of business at all General Meetings unless transposed by motion made and carried:

1. Determination of quorum

2. Minutes of previous meeting

3. Matters arising from the minutes

4. Reports of officers

5. Reports of committees

6. Election of officers

7. Unfinished business

8. New business

9. Adjournment


A Revision history
1.0 Copied over from Word document. Removed 1999 specific phrase from section
1.1 Incorporated passed resolutions of AGM held on Nov 6, 2004.
1.2 6 pages, last update on Nov 12, 2005.
1.3 Incorporated passed resolutions of AGM held on Nov 14, 2009 – Updated
section 2 (a).

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 2018 Premier League    2018 Twenty20
Team P W T L NR Pt NRR
LCC 10 9 0 1 0 18 1.77
CCB 10 8 0 2 0 16 0.72
FRCC 10 6 0 4 0 12 0.04
RCC 10 4 0 6 0 8 0.12
CSCC 10 6 0 4 0 12 -0.03
FCCC 10 3 0 7 0 6 -0.30
CCCC 10 5 0 5 0 10 -0.21
DCC 10 3 0 7 0 6 -0.56
ABQCC 8 0 0 8 0 0 -2.15
More Details
Team P W T L NR Pt NRR
LCC-L 13 12 0 1 0 24 2.66
FRCC-A 14 10 0 4 0 20 1.70
FCCC 14 9 0 5 0 18 1.43
CSCC-Stars 12 7 0 5 0 14 0.57
CCB 14 9 1 4 0 19 1.75
RCC 13 8 0 5 0 16 0.33
CCCC-Gold 14 8 0 6 0 16 1.14
FRCC-B 14 7 1 6 0 15 -0.57
DDCC 14 10 0 4 0 20 2.81
BCC 15 6 1 8 0 13 -0.93
DCC 14 6 0 8 0 12 -0.23
YCC 13 4 0 9 0 8 -1.76
LCC-T 14 7 0 7 0 14 -0.55
CCCC-Green 14 4 0 10 0 7 -2.43
CS-Stripes 14 1 0 13 0 2 -3.10
MCC 14 2 0 12 0 4 -2.30
ABQCC 12 4 1 7 0 9 -0.23
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There is No Future Games scheduled.

P40 - CCB at LCC
FINAL: LCC won by 50 runs
T20 - BCC at DDCC
DIV2 FINAL: DDCC won by 127 runs
P40 - FCCC at CSCC
PLATE FINAL: CSCC won by 89 runs
T20 - CCCC-Green at LCC-T
DIV2 PLATE FINAL: LCC-T won by 8 wickets
T20 - RCC at CCB
PLATE FINAL: CCB won by 30 runs
T20 - FRCC-A at LCC-L
FINAL: LCC-L won by 31 runs
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