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CCL Cougars ready to win the 2008 Central West Tournament Cup
By Kervyn Dimney - CCL President
May 2, 2008
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CCL Cougars ready to win the 2008 Central West Tournament Cup

Coming up this saturday, CCL Cougars looks forward to its participation in the Central West Tournament being held is Austin over the weekend, with its first game against NTCA (Dallas) at the Round Rock Cricket Club ground.

The Cougars have had quite a few practice sessions and practice matches where they were able to brush up on their skills, and as far as I can say, they are looking goooood !!!
I strongly believe that the Cougars have incredible talent and determination to outclass their opponents in the CW tournament. I'm sure that when they go out there, they will definitely make their mark and turn the tables in turn making themselves proud.

The team will be led by Swadeep Pagadala as the captain and Sunny Ramesh as the Vice-Captain, both having been exposed to the CW Tournament cricketing situations on previous occassions and are experienced CCL players.

Max Ali, who has been the Manager for the CCL Cougars for the past 3 years will not be able to participate due to his tight work schedule. Mike Riley, who is the current CCL Coach with also serve as the Manager in Max Ali's absence, and will be joining the Cougars in Austin. Mike has also agreed to serve as the emergency 12th man in the event of injuries etc.

With the Cougars arriving at Austin on Friday evening, they are looking forward to a team meeting in the Ramada Inn lobby around 9:30 p.m.

About the game(s)
The game starts at 9:30am and will be a 50 over game. Hopefully, teams will assemble at the ground by 8:30am on Saturday morning (May 3rd) giving them ample time to warm-up, do some catching, and discuss about the match at hand.

While CCL will be playing against NTCA (Dallas), the other game being played will be CTCL vs HCL at the Hill Country Cricket Association Ground.

On Saturday night at 7:30pm, CTCL has planned a Banquet at the Ramada Inn where a formal dinner will be served followed by some awards presentations.

On Sunday, 4th May, The Championship Finals will be played at the HCCG, while the Third Position game will be played at the RCCG.

CCL Sponsors:
It gives me great pleasure to announce that some of the CCL clubs namely FCCC, CCCC, including some of the CCL players such as Max Ali, Rajesh Solanki and one of our advertisers, Law Office of Ravi Kanwal did come forward in Support of the Cougars monetarily. LCC, FCCC & CSCC have also graciously supported Cougars by providing them the grounds for practices/matches. The Cougar uniforms have been provided by our very own dedicated & generous Cougar, Kithsiri Diasabeygunawardena(LCC).

Good Luck and all the very best to the CCL Cougars. Bring the Cup home !!!

Listed below are the teams and their players.

CCL Team

Aamir Choudhary
Dipal Patel
Ganesh Sharma
Govind Unkalkar
Kervyn Dimney
Mike Riley
Misbah Rehman
Rajesh Mosur
Rajesh Solanki
Rohit Ramkumar
Swadeep Pagadala (Captain)
Sunny Ramesh (Vice Captain)
Vamshi Kyatham

NTCA (Dallas) Team

Anoop Nigam
Bilal Zahid
Carl Thompson
Hemanth Jetti
Karthik Vitalla
Kashyap Desai
Nadeem Haroon
Orlando Baker
Prasanna Uppaluri
Rahul Kukreti (Captain)
Richard Thalluri
Sudharshan Chavva
Vijay Natarajan
Vinod Shankar
Vivek Inampudi (Vice Captain)
Waqar Hussein

HCL Team

Niraj Shah (Captain)
Sushil Nadkarni (Vice Captain)
Amir Khan
Ankit Mehta
Chirag Bhakta
Dhamodar Bhat
Haaris Ibrahim
Jam Niaz Ali
Kishan Patel
Majid Rizvi
Mustafa Rafique
Owen Brown
Patrick Winchester
Satish Shashank Draksharam
Waleed Ahmed

CTCL(Austin) Team

Humayun Basheer (Captain)
Zubair Hussain (Vice Captain)
Jay Srinivasan
Kaushal Kishore
Rohit Chawla
Ruchir Chhabra
Supratim Srinivasan
Hamid Tirmizi
Satish Patil
Guru Krish
Shafi Muhammad
Amit Desai
Faizan Sayeed
Chakri Gottemukkala
Vishwas Iyengar

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