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2011 Div II & Premier League Awards - Updated 17-Nov-2011 1:00am
By Raymond Mascarenhas - CACU
Oct 13, 2011
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2011 Div II & Premier League Awards

Here is the list of awards finalized so far (names listed in order of rank 1 thru 5). The first placed awardee gets the trophy, the top three get certificates.

The rest of the awards will be finalized after we know the results of the last 4 games. I have lised the top 5 contenders in each category but this list can change based on performances.

Div II T20 League:

Best Batsman - Paul Mathewson, Vaibhav Madhok, Anand Ganti, Manish Kumar, Andrew Dunbar

Best Bowler - Manoj Thakur, Ashwin Rishinaramangalam, Mike Riley, Vaibhav Madhok, Manoj Manoharan

Best Allrounder - Vaibhav Madhok, Mike Riley, Nitesh Sinha, Amal Chandran, Manish Kumar

Champion of Champions - Jay Pathak (LCC)

Premier League:

Best Batsman - Kervyn Dimney, Sriram Akella, Rohith Ramkumar, Bodhayan Chakravarthy, Rama Bharadwaj

Best Bowler - Hamayun Zaheer, Bodhayan Chakravarthy, Mayur Ostwal, Mike Riley, Sriram Akella

Best Allrounder - Sriram Akella, Bodhayan Chakravarthy, Arun Tholudur, Mike Riley, Gopal Susarla

Champion of Champions - Arun Tholudur

Season Awards:

Best batting performance - Ishan Rao, Rohith Ramkumar, Misbah Rehman, Manjeet Inamdar, Rohith Ramkumar

Best bowling performance - Hamayun Zaheer, Sriram Akella, Arun Tholudur, Hamayun Zaheer, Manoj Manoharan

Most Centuries - Misbah Rehman, Rohith Ramkumar, Ishan Rao, Manjeet Inamdar, Vamshi Mugatha, Arun Tholudur

Best news article - Abhay Natu, Tej Balijepalli, Mayur Ostwal, Abhay Natu, Manoj Thakur

Highest Partnership - Manjeet Inamdar & Satyam Singh, Misbah Rehman & Deep Kumar, Rohith Ramkumar & Rajesh Mosur, Shams Arefeen and Sriram Akella, Kervyn Dimney and Ajay Mahendru

Best Disciplined Team of the Year: CCB, FRCC, CSCC, BCC, RBCC

Umpire of the year - Suresh Talatoti, Sandeep Bollampally, Nitesh Sinha, Ashish Singhal, Manish Kumar.

Rookie of the year - Manjeet Inamdar, Jay Pathank, Satyam Singh, Sandeep Bollampally, Shams Arefeen

Fielder of the year - Bodhayan Chakravarthy, Jay Pathak, Narayan Madabusi, Deepak Jammula, Dipal Patel

Wicketkeeper of the year - Ganesh Sharma, Tej Balijepalli, Faiq Majeed, Kit Diasabeygunawardena, Praveen Shenoy

Appreciation Awards:
Raymond Mascarenhas - For his constant contribution to the CCL and CACU.
Suresh Talatoti - For his constant contribution to the CCL and CACU.
Manjukumar Matha - For his contribution as a Selection Committee member.


The following awards are yet undecided. Listed are the forerunners in each category

T20 Knockouts:

Best Batsman - Gopal Susarla, Omar Rafiq, Mohit Chhabra, Manjeet Inamdar, Jay Pathak

Best Bowler - Mike Riley, Andrew Dunbar, Amal Chandran, Manoj Manoharan,Raj Chitikila

Best Allrounder - Mike Riley, Andrew Dunbar, Kit Dias, Amal Chandran, Manoj Manoharan

Man of the Finals - Shruthi Kumar Annamnidu(CCB)

Last updated: 26-Oct-2011 9:12pm
Check out the 2011 T20 KO Tournament Awards


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