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Wyoming Cricket Club: T20 TennisBall Premiere League Cricket Champs!
By Kasun Lankananda (President, WyoCC)
Oct 25, 2011
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Wyoming Cricket Club: T20 TennisBall Premiere League Cricket Champs!

Wyoming Cricket Club: T20 TennisBall Premiere League Cricket Champs!

It had always been a long time dream for the cricketers at the University of Wyoming to play competitive cricket, wherever it may be. When the opportunity rose to play in the Colorado Cricket League (CCL), knowing very well every match was at least a two hour’s drive from Laramie, the Wyoming Cricket Club (WyoCC) pounced on it. For some teams in the CCL, this might have been a nightmare, but for the players at WyoCC, it was finally a dream come true!

WyoCC came to the T20 tournament after losing the Plate League of the T16 but, did not allow the loss to affect their conscience in any way in the new format. This, only being the first year of competitive cricket, the team ended up in a group with giants of CCL tennis cricket: Anchors, Challengers, Orchards and Buffs! It seemed like the bigger the team was, the harder WyoCC fought their way till the end. At the end of the preliminary matches, WyoCC topped Group A having lost only the first match and a tie with the Orchards.

The quarter-final was won by WyoCC commandingly with a 44 run defeat! The semi-final was a closer game with the Buffs, but WyoCC ended up winning it with 4 wickets to spare. WyoCC won the final by 7 wickets, a match which summed up the quality of the team throughout the season, be it batting, bowling or fielding.

Looking back at the T20 season, WyoCC played 10 matches, won 8, lost 1 and tied 1. In a league which had teams scoring in excess of 100 runs easily, batsmen going past 50 individual runs in many occasions, WyoCC passed the 100 run mark only once; none of the batsmen scored a 50. At the end of the season, they emerged victorious showing their class as a team of 11 players who understood each other on and off the field, relying heavily on a team effort rather than an individual. Discipline was a key factor in the team’s success which was summed up by the Spirit of Cricket Award 2011 won by WyoCC, the very first time it was introduced.

At the end of a successful season, I take this opportunity to thank the organizing committee, Manoj and Shravan in particular, for making this a reality for the boys at Wyoming. Kudos to you both for the time and effort you have put into making this league a success. Cheers to all the teams who participated in the tournament making it a grand success. Congratulations to Sriram Akella (best batsman from Buffs), Sridhar Babu (best bowler from Crazy Cricketers) and of course, WyoCC’s giant pillar, Amit Thakar (MVP and best all-rounder) for their individual awards.

It has been a pleasure for us, at the University of Wyoming, to take part in this tournament and we sincerely hope all of you have felt the same. Until next time we meet, enjoy the rest of this year and take care.

Kasun Lankananda (President, WyoCC)

Finals Match Report

Challengers won the toss and decided to bat first. The Challenger’s openers, Raman and Ramachander, started steady but after the power play overs, they started cutting loose. They made a strong 30 runs partnership for the first wicket in 8 overs. The pace and accuracy of the WyoCC bowlers were difficult for the Challengers batsmen to handle and wickets started falling at regular intervals. At the end of 18.5 overs, the Challengers were wrapped up for a total of 59 runs. Nishant and Sameep got 3 wickets a piece, Amit and Kasun getting 2 wickets and 1 wicket respectively.

WyoCC started positively but lost two quick wickets. Knowing 60 runs was not an impossible target Amit and Nishant played sensible cricket putting the loose deliveries away and hitting the gaps well. After an entertaining 26, Nishant was caught behind, but the game was already won by WyoCC with only 2 runs to get in 5 overs. Amit scored the last 2 winning runs and not only won WyoCC the championship but also became the tournament’s best all-rounder. Amit top-scored for WyoCC with an unbeaten 28 runs with 2 boundaries and 1 six. Swarnkar and Malvankar were the only wicket takers for Challengers with a wicket

Nishant Lakhera was judged the man of the match for his 26 runs and 3 crucial wickets.


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