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2004-CCL awards
By Jarrar
Oct 13, 2004
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2004-CCL awards

It took us weeks but we, the CCL-EC, has finally decided about each and every award that we are going to award this year. We put a lot of thought, and literally weeks of discussion not to ignore any point or statistics. It is not possible to mention all contenders, so I have tried to only mention the main contenders.

These awards will be presented in the AGM, that we are planning to hold in early November.

Here are the awards in no particular order.

Rookie of the year:

This year was unique in the sense that we saw some very talented players opting to join CCL clubs. Aravind Gupta (Gold), Sagar Dharia (Gold) who took 5-25 in his debut game, Amir (RBCC) one of the most attractive batsmen and Imran (RBCC) are few of the many very fine players who joined us on the grassy cricket grounds of Colorado this year.

The three top players the CCL-EC considered for the rookie of the year award were:

  • Michael Doig,

    A very fine medium pacer who lives in the far, far land of Durango and plays for OWCC. Mike is a very useful batsman and without any doubt the best fielder in the CCL. I call him a three-in-one player, a bowler and two batsmen (one in the batting and another batsman by stopping 30 odd runs in fielding). Here are Mike’s stats:

    Mike has scored 138 runs at an average of 15.33 with a highest score of 40*. Mike also claimed 11 wickets this year at 20.36 apiece. His best bowling was 8-2-18-3 against the league champions Gold. Mike took a league leading 11 catches and was responsible for 4 run-outs.

  • Vaibhav Madhok,

    Arguably one of the best cricketers in the league, a left arm fast bowler, has a very majestic and rhythmic bowling action with one of the better follow throughs, and a good batsman.

    Vaibhav’s stats are:

    Batting: 154 runs in 6 innings
    Highest: 79(69) against Green
    Average: 25.67

    Bowling: 15 wickets in 6 matches
    Overs: 46
    Runs : 163
    Average: 10.87

    Catches: 5

  • Owais Mughal

    Not much to quote as far as the stats are concerned, but a very quick accurate and a deadly bowler. Owais joined CCCC-Gold in the mid season and took some time make his impact, but when he made his impact he was able to surprise top teams with his unplayable quick missiles.

    CCL-EC after much debate decided to award this award to Vaibhav Madhok (CSU-CC); it is not to take away anything from other contenders its just we had to pick one player. I, on be-half of CCL-EC, extend our congratulations to Mr. Madhok and CSU-CC for this award.

    Best Batsman:

    The contenders for this award were two of the highest run accumulators this year, namely Pradeep Pagadala (CCCC-Gold) and Rajesh Joshi (CCCC-Green).

    Pradeep scored 332 runs in the 9 innings that he played, getting out 7 times, at an average of 47.42 with the highest score of 112* against RMFCC. His inning of 36 runs against FCCC was a class act.

    CCL-EC decided to crown Rajesh Joshi as the best batsman of the CCL-2004 season. Rajesh piled up 394 runs playing in 10 innings (2 not outs) at an average of 49.25. Out of these 394 almost 175 came on the single week-end when he lead his team (CCCC-Green) to victory against OWCC and FCCC.

    I congratulate Rajesh Joshi on his selection for the best batsman’s award.

    View Joshi's Profile

    Best Bowler:

    We found some serious calculation flaws in the strike rates that we calculated, and EC will look into the stats of each nominee again.

    We Apologize for this mistake.

    [b] Best All-rounder:

    It is not an easy thing to decide best all-rounder for the complexity of comparing batting, bowling and fielding talents of the players, but our main contenders were:

  • Ashok Lakshmanan - OWCC
    Bowling: 24 wickets, ave: 13.45
    Batting: 309 runs, ave: 30.9
    catches: 5

  • Aravind Sampath - CSUCC
    Bowling: 19 wickets, ave: 15.68
    Batting: 311 runs, ave: 31.1
    catches: ?

  • Nadeem Rafiq - FCCC
    Bowling: 17 wickets, ave: 14.24
    Batting: 251 runs, ave: 28
    catches: 4

    Ashok won the best all-rounder's award, for being an awesome batsman (300+ runs) and taking 25 wickets. He led the league for wickets taken, and scored a magnificent hundred against DSCC after taking a blow to the eye. He is widely regarded as one of the best fielders in the league.

    I congratulate Ashok Lakshmanan on his selection for the best all-rounder’s award.

    View Ashok's Profile

    MVP in the Knock-outs:

    This is perhaps the first time that the player of the runner-up team is winning the most valuable player’s award in the knock-outs.

    Rajesh Mosur is a superb batsman, an awesome fielder and a great friend to have. Rajesh piled up 311 runs in the three knock-outs innings that he played at a godly average of 311. In CCL-EC’s opinion no one even came close the achievement of Rajesh, so it was the easiest decision to make.

    Congratulations to Rajesh on his selection as MVP of the Knock-outs.

    View Mosur's Profile

    CCL Regular season Champions:

    CCCC-Gold won the CCL-2004 regular league season by securing 213 points in 12 games, they won 8 games, lost 1 and had 3 games washed out.

    CCL Regular season runner-up:

    FCCC are the runners up of the CCL’s 2004 regular season. They had 211 points in the 12 games, winning 9, losing 2 and 1 washed out game.

    KO Championship trophy:

    FCCC will be crowned with the KO champions, they wonn all of their three KO games and did tame their arch rivals, CCCC-Gold, in the tense KO final.

    CWCB Plate-trophy:

    This is the trophy that CCL team won at Houston while participating in the CWCB championship. It will be handed to CCL Captain Swadeep Pagadala.

    Appreciation awards:

    CCL-EC decided to recognize services of Michael Doig of OWCC for devoting himself to CCL's web site. Which in many player's views has made a huge impact. Mike designed, developed and maintained this web site in such a way that many only can dream about.

    Mike, I speak for the whole league when I tell you that this league is in debt to you for your services. Thank you and we appreciate it a lot.

    View Michael's Profile

    The other person that CCL-EC decided to recognize is Mike Riley for years of his services to the CCL and his commitment to improve umpiring standards in the league.

    Thank you Mike for your dedication and support.

    View Mike's Profile

    Folks please plan to attend, soon-to-be-announced, AGM and make a difference.

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