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Premier/Twenty20 Match Reports - Week 6 (12-13 May 2018) - Last updated 15-May-2018 5:02pm
By Darshan Jinendra(FCCC);Kervyn Dimney(CSCC)
May 15, 2018
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Premier/Twenty20 Match Reports - Week 6 (12-13 May 2018)

FCCC @ FRCC-B: T20 – 3pm Sunday May 13, 2018 at Longmont - Reported by Darshan Jinendra(FCCC)

FCCC won the toss and elected to field on cloudy day at Longmont. Vivek and Gandhar opened for FRCC-B, but Gandhar couldn’t survive Dipal’s first over. Naveen bowled extremely well on the other end, but without any wickets. Omer and Rajesh started the second spell, with Omer getting 2 wickets and by the end of 8th over FRCC were 41/4. Amit and Venkatesh came to bowl and took 3 wickets together not giving away much to FRCC-Bs total. Bhoopalan and Ravi Sajjan boweld the final spell again with 3 wickets together giving about 15 runs. Rajesh from FRCC-B scored 18 and Vivek 13, but the team finished batting by 16th over. Some good catches, run out and frugal bowlers got FRCC-B all out for 72.

With rain in forecast FCCC wanted to finish up the game with in 10-12 overs. Sagar and Venkatesh opened the chase, with Venkatesh getting out the first ball. Nikhil joined sagar and both played a long game for about 10 overs to score 63 together, before Nikhil got out to Chidambara scoring 18(27). FRCC seamers did a really good job with not giving much room and troubling batsmen with some serious pace. But defending a low total is always a tough ask from the bowlers. With just another 15 runs required, Bhoopalan went in to bat with Sagar, but Sagar didn't want to stay any longer and got out to Srijeet. Sagar did play a commendable innings scoring a stylish 41(34). Amit joined Bhooplan and FCCC finished the game at 11th over with Bhooplan’s classic drive over covers.

FCCC won it quite easily, but just on time before it started raining. Venkatesh Deshpande was declared Man of the match for his fiery spell of 2-0-9-2.

Man of the Match: Venkatesh Deshpande(FCCC) for his bowling effort of 2-0-9-2.

Scorecard: See FRCC-B Vs FCCC Scorecard

Match Video: See FCCC Vs FRCC-B Part 1, See FCCC Vs FRCC-B Part 2


DDCC @ CSCC: Twenty20 - 2:30pm Saturday May 12, 2018 at Memorial Park, Colorado Springs - Reported by Kervyn Dimney(CSCC)

DDCC won the toss and elected to bat. CSCC opened their bowling attack with Prasanna and Kervyn bowling in with full steam while giving away very little to DDCC. Prasanna's second over was the most productive one with him getting Naresh LBW on the very first delivery and 2 deliveries later saw Satheeshkumar caught brilliantly to a stretched-out-diving Kervyn Dimney in the slips. At the end of 4 overs DDCC were 7 for 2, with Avinash and Siva coming on as the new change. DDCC batsmen Kranthi and Madhav saw this opportunity and targetted the new bowlers scoring freely off them with a couple of boundaries, and at the end of 7 overs, DDCC were at 36 for 2.
To slow things down, Prasanna introduced spinner Santosh Gaddam, who bowled a tight over to give away only 2 runs.

Nitya who re-joined the CSCC team and playing his first game this season, was brought into the attack, and in the 5th delivery picked up the aggressive Madhav (18 with 3 fours and a six) caught confidently by Viswa at the boundary. Soon Santosh was in the wickets when he picked up Suri Lakkadi LBW on his first delivery; and then later that over got Prakash bowled, leaving DDCC reeling at 44 for 5 at the end of 10 overs.

After the break, things still did not improve for DDCC as Nitya captured 3 wickets in that over, getting settled Kranthi (18) caught by Santosh in the deep to a good running catch; and then catching CVS Subramanyam (0) off his own bowling; and on the last ball got Surender Dhodla(0) to sky one to Sandeep Dubbakka. At the end of 11 overs, DDCC were 44/8.
With Santosh and Nitya carrying on, DDCC's Swaroop and Umesh started playing cautiously, with Swaroop taking most of the strike to keep the scoreboard ticking at 67/8 at the end of 15 overs, with CSCC's Viswa missing out on catching Swaroop to give Nitya his fiver. Nitya ended up with 4-1-17-4 but deserved a fiver.

Prasanna brought in Kervyn to finish up the DDCC innings, but while it started well with Kervyn getting rid of Umesh bowled, new batsman Kangesh smashed Kervyn for 3 fours and a six in that over, and a couple of wides proved to be the most productive one for DDCC with 24 runs taking them to 91 for 9. Not wanting to let DDCC get away for with more runs on the board, Prasanna brought himself on and by the 3rd delivery got rid of Kangesh (18 with 3 fours and a six) caught by Santosh, ending DDCC's innings at 93 all out.

With 94 as the target, CSCC stayed with their openers Kervyn and Santosh. Some tight bowling from DDCC's Suri and Kangesh kept the CSCC batsmen in check, but the wides from Kangesh helped CSCC's cause, but not before he bowled out Santosh with a nipping delivery by the end of the 2nd over with CSCC at 12 for 1. Sandeep joined Kervyn and both were playing cautiously until Suri got Sandeep to play a lazy shot getting caught a point. A couple of fours from Kervyn released the pressure and CSCC were 25 for 2 at the end of 5 overs.

While Kangesh continued for another over, he didn't give away many to Jayanth. Umesh and Swaroop were the new change, and Jayanth pounced on Umesh for a Six, and Kervyn took on Swaroop for a couple of fours taking CSCC to 45 for 2 at end of 8 overs. Kangesh was brought back into the attack to bowl his last over. With the intention of playing him off, Kervyn (23 with 4 fours) misjudged one, that took a nick to be caught by Swaroop in slip. Kangesh ended up with 4-1-14-2. Viswa joined Jayanth and played the DDCC bowlers off seeing CSCC at 48 for 3 at the end of 10 overs.

After the break, while things started off good with some singles, a wide, and a four from Jayanth, he connected well again to Madhav's delivery with the intent of hitting another four, only to find Naresh on the boundary, CSCC now 55 for 4 after 11.

Fahad joined Viswa and he quickly scored a four off Naresh and were taking the singles-doubles well. With Madhav back in the attack, he soon got rid of Viswa unable to play the pull, to a caught and bowled. CSCC at 63 for 5 and Madhav with 2 wickets.

With 30 runs needed in 7 overs, spinner Surender Dhodla was brought on and he got Fahad caught cheaply at first slip by Swaroop, and only 2 runs off that over. Nitya and Prasanna played out Madhav who continued to bowl another good over giving away only 2 runs. CSCC were 68 for 6.

Still 26 to get in 5 overs, Prasanna smashed a four and a single off Surender Dhodla. CVS Subramanyam was brought on as the new bowler and Prasanna relased some pressure as he smashed a four, a double and a single. CVS got Nitya out LBW even when the batsman was indicating that it was bat. This match was becoming interesting and DDCC was not giving up. Avinash joined Prasanna and a single and double were taken, with a total of 10 runs coming off that over.

Madhav was brought on to put in another tight over, but some really good placement shots from Prasanna and Avinash saw them taking a single on pretty much every ball except the last. Avinash hurt his hamstring in the process but was not wanting to come off the field, determined to play and bring a win CSCC's way.

With just 6 runs needed and 2 overs to go, things started to feel more relaxed in the dugout; and for the batsmen fighting it out there. Avinash took on the bowler and 2 consecutive fours off Suri Lakkadi saw CSCC-Stars delighted to cross the finish line in 18.2 overs with no further loss. Captain cool Prasanna remained not out 16* (12 balls 2 fours), and Avinash 12* off 6 balls with 2 fours.

Man of the Match: Nitya Maddodi(CSCC-Stars) for his awesome bowling performance of 4-1-17-4.

Scorecard: See CSCC-Stars Vs DDCC Scorecard

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 2018 Premier League    2018 Twenty20
Team P W T L NR Pt NRR
LCC 10 9 0 1 0 18 1.77
CCB 10 8 0 2 0 16 0.72
FRCC 10 6 0 4 0 12 0.04
RCC 10 4 0 6 0 8 0.12
CSCC 10 6 0 4 0 12 -0.03
FCCC 10 3 0 7 0 6 -0.30
CCCC 10 5 0 5 0 10 -0.21
DCC 10 3 0 7 0 6 -0.56
ABQCC 8 0 0 8 0 0 -2.15
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Team P W T L NR Pt NRR
LCC-L 13 12 0 1 0 24 2.66
FRCC-A 14 10 0 4 0 20 1.70
FCCC 14 9 0 5 0 18 1.43
CSCC-Stars 12 7 0 5 0 14 0.57
CCB 14 9 1 4 0 19 1.75
RCC 13 8 0 5 0 16 0.33
CCCC-Gold 14 8 0 6 0 16 1.14
FRCC-B 14 7 1 6 0 15 -0.57
DDCC 14 10 0 4 0 20 2.81
BCC 15 6 1 8 0 13 -0.93
DCC 14 6 0 8 0 12 -0.23
YCC 13 4 0 9 0 8 -1.76
LCC-T 14 7 0 7 0 14 -0.55
CCCC-Green 14 4 0 10 0 7 -2.43
CS-Stripes 14 1 0 13 0 2 -3.10
MCC 14 2 0 12 0 4 -2.30
ABQCC 12 4 1 7 0 9 -0.23
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