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2019 Rocky Mountain State Games Proposal - Last updated 17-Jan-2019 4:21pm
By Raymond Mascarenhas & Kervyn Dimney - RMSG Cricket Commissioners
Jan 28, 2019
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2019 Rocky Mountain State Games Proposal

----------- Questions answered for The 2019 Rocky Mountain State Games Proposal------------

Q1: If we treat RMSG as part of the organic CCL league schedule/structure then how do we convince ourselves to pay "extra"( if you qualify for Round 2) for 2 special weekends? Getting medals is a starting motivation but it may not help in the individual team's annual trial balance w.r.t playing one tournament vs two. thoughts?

Answer: The teams that qualified for the RMSG playoffs will be competing in a second tournament. The RMSG does have expenses and hence an entry fee.

Playing in the playoffs, you get the following for the RMSG entry fee:

Grounds for up to 3 games
Umpiring for up to 3 games
Match balls for up to 3 games
Lunch on two days
Medals for 14 players
Team Trophies for winners and runners-up
Trophies for individual awards
RMSG mandatory fees
Gatorade/Water for two days

Raymond & Kervyn
RMSG Commissioners

----------- Questions answered for The 2019 Rocky Mountain State Games Proposal------------

Excellent points from FCCC. We assume all other clubs will have the same questions. Please see our responses below:

Q1. How do we accommodate non-CCL teams into this (like AspenCC from NM a couple of years back, and any tennis team wanting to play leather ball). It seems this formats assumes RMSG participation from only CCL teams. Nothing wrong that that. If that’s what is it, then that’s what it is.

Answer: We tried reaching out to non CCL teams and in general the response has not been favorable. Out of town teams are not ready to play on two weekends. They would agree if it’s just one weekend. But that means CCL teams would have to travel on two consecutive days and also play multiple games – which could be a non starter. So this year we will be more than happy if we can just count the CCL teams. That in itself will almost double our participant’s count from last year.

Q2. RMSG week1 QF games, will they be played in Memorial park, or the home-grounds of the teams involved?

Answer: The QF will be played at Memorial Park. We have two grounds and we can accommodate all the games. The second ground that we got last year was mainly with the support of the RMSG, so playing just 4 (SF/Finals/P3) games in Springs will not look good for us. We want to show the organizers that we are making full use of the grounds. We would also like to promote cricket (CCL) at a State level tournament, and that’s only possible if more teams play at Memorial Park. Moreover this is an opportunity for teams to socialize.

Q3. Week2 games (SF/Finals/P3) : I’m not sure they can be considered as CCL round2 games. Depending on the results of the QF games, you might get games between teams which are not scheduled to play each other in CCL T20 round2. May just be a better option to have RMSG week2 games dedicated to RMSG only. (The non-qualifying teams can play their regularly schdueld CCL games, of course)

Answer: We are trying to make maximum use of the RMSG to tie in with the CCL schedule. If the two teams have already played before, then those matches will not be counted as CCL games. But if the two teams have not yet played each other, then we should make them CCL games – otherwise those two teams will have to play again and we would have lost one weekend out of the CCL schedule. For teams that pay for grounds, this will be a cost benefit as well. We will be providing ground, match balls, umpires, drinks and lunch. Also, due to our tight schedule if we don’t make these games part of CCL round 2, teams may end up playing double headers to make up the lost weekend.

Q4: How does this affect the home/away balance for CCL T20 round2? For each CCL game being played at RMSG in Springs, one team will be losing their designated home-game. For South teams, this may not be a big deal, since they are not very far from the ground anyway (and some would even have/prefer Memorial as their home ground), but for North teams this could be a significant consideration. CCL T20 Round2 is where the proverbial rubber meets the road, and every game has playoff implications. North teams (especially teams consisting mainly members of generation-ex.. ;-)) may not be willing to cede that edge. (Of course, if week1 games are being held in regular grounds, and week2 is completely dedicated to RMSG, then this will NOT be a problem)

Answer: We propose that these games be considered the home games of teams that don’t have a home ground. If both teams have a home ground then it would be considered the home game of the south teams. In the South only LCC has a home ground and in many instances they have used Memorial Park as their home game. An important fact to consider is that the home team will be getting the ground for free. Hopefully this is a good incentive for the teams that don’t have a home ground. As hosts, we will do all the ground setup work so home team can focus on just playing the game.

Again, we want to thank everyone for supporting the State Games.

Raymond & Kervyn
RMSG Commissioners

-----------The 2019 Rocky Mountain State Games Proposal------------

The Rocky Mountain State Games’ (RMSG) main objective is to increase participation in the games. CSCC believes the State Games is a very important platform to promote cricket in Colorado. We have reaped a lot of benefits from our association with the RMSG. This event truly puts cricket on the sports map of Colorado. We ask every club to show us your support by participating in this event.

As our league grows and more teams join the T20 tournament, there is additional pressure on the scheduler to fit all the games within our short season. One of the constraints is the two weekends set aside for the RMSG. Fortunately, our T20 tournament has a natural breaking point at the State Games. We complete the Round 1 just before the RMSG and start Round 2 after the RMSG. We want to use this natural breaking point to weave the RMSG into the CCL’s T20 tournament.

We have been brainstorming how to make this event a win-win situation for everyone. Here is our proposal which we believe is the most beneficial to the Games as well as the least disruptive to the league.

The T20 Round 1 matches will now become a part of the CCL T20 as well as the RMSG. The Round 1 matches will be considered the League stage of the RMSG. At the end of Round 1, the top 4 teams from each group (North and South) will qualify for the RMSG knockout phase. We will have Quarter Finals on week 1 and Semis and Finals/ 3rd place on week 2.

Knockouts will be as follows:

Quarter Finals - N1 v S4, N3 v S2, N2 v S3, N4 v S1

Semi Finals – Winner N1 v S4 vs Winner N3 v S2 and Winner N2 v S3 vs Winner N4 v S1

The format will be T20 and the knockout matches will also be a part of the CCL T20 Round 2, thus incorporating the two RMSG weekends into the CCL’s T20 Round 2. During the two RMSG weekends, teams that don’t qualify for the playoffs will continue to play CCL T20 Round 2 matches. All Round 1 matches will be considered in determining the individual RMSG awards (Best Batsman, Best Bowler and Best All-Rounder).

We hope the clubs will find this approach agreeable. From RMSG’s point of view, this will meet the RMSG goal of maximum participation in the tournament and from CCL’s point of view, the RMSG will not be taking away any weekends from the league schedule. A win-win situation for all.

Fine Print Details – The entry fees for the tournament will be applied in two stages. In the league stage (Round 1), all teams will be charged a nominal fee of $25. As compensation, during the league stage, at all Round 1 games, the Man of the Match will be presented with an RMSG medal. We think this would add some excitement to the league matches and provide ALL teams with an opportunity to win a state games medal.

In the knockout stage the 8 teams that qualify will be charged a $150 entry fee. We have reduced the fees from previous years. The knockout fees will cover the cost of grounds, umpiring, lunch, trophies, medals and all State Games mandated fees.

We are requesting all clubs to support us by accepting our proposal. If you have any questions please address them to the CSCC LMC Reps.

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